Hi, my name is Nora Warschewski and I’m currently working as project staff at Fachhochschule Münster (Previously at Fraunhofer Gesellschaft). I’m based in the Ruhr metropolis in Germany but I enjoy working from anywhere in the world.

I enjoy research-driven approaches, creating systems, and taking different perspectives. Besides, I’m interested in all sorts of topics evolving around type, its history and appearance in different media and contexts. Another topic that drives me is accessibility and the impact on society.

➼ Type design @ Letterform Archive
➼ Usability Engineering @ Rhine-Waal University
➼ Design and Interaction @ Rhine-Waal University
➼ Information and Communication Design @ Rhine-Waal University
➼ Media Designer @ Mediadesign Hochschule

In my free-time, I love reading books, collecting stamps, running a small family archive, teaching myself stuff, and being outdoors.

I have a creative bent of mind and my interests are varied. Because of that I never run short of ideas and solutions to difficult problems. I like solving problems for the sake of solving problems but also because I’m learning new things every time I find an answer to it.

➼ Linkedin ➼ GitHub ➼ hallo [ät] nora - warschewski . de